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Coaching bei Berufswiedereinstieg für "frische" Mütter

Give yourself a space to reflect deeply what you want and to integrate your new skills as a parent!

Mein Angebot: Einzelcoachings in meinem Büro, Nähe Bellevue in Zürich für 1,5h. Baby könnte mitgebracht werden.

  • Situationsanalyse und Visionsentwicklung "als arbeitende Mutter"
  • Balance und Prioritäten zwischen beruflichen und privaten Aufgaben
  • Vorbereitung von schwierigen beruflichen Situationen bzw. Entscheidungen

After this profound experience to become a mother you probably have changed your working identity. Take the chance and reflect, what you really want and how it is possible to integrate the new experiences as a parent and the new skills in your work. The coachings could be also a support to face difficult situations or prepare important decisions. It supports your selfregulation and stressmanagement. Profoundly it guides you to inner peace.

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